Marburg Brainhack School 2024

SFB TRR135 supports the Marburg Brainhack School 2024!






The Philipps-University Marburg is organizing the Brainhack School 2024, in cooperation with the Open Science Initiative Marburg (OSIUM), The Adaptive Mind Consortium (TAM), and the SFB 135. The Brainhack School has existed for several years and was originally organized by researchers in Montreal, but has been adapted by various universities over the world. The Brainhack school is dedicated to teaching young researchers timely and important topics in the field of neurosciences, with a focus on neuroimaging research. Examples are: basics of fMRI research, programming with Python, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Git and GitHub, or visualization techniques.


The concept of the school is as follows:

  • During the first two weeks participants go through 13 pre-recorded training modules
    Exercises are completed together as a group and assisted by a local Teaching Assistant (TA).

  • By the end of week 2, participants should have formed groups (3-5 people) and decided on a project
    they want to work on together (you will be guided by Teaching Assistants and given access to both
    data as well as computing resources).

  • For the duration of two weeks the groups should work on this project for 2-3 hours on a daily basis.
    Here again, a TA is available for support. In the end, participants are asked to give a short presentation
    and to submit their project to the Global Brainhack School repository on GitHub.

Dates for the school are June 3rd to June 28th 2024. Total amount of time for completing the Brainhack school is ∼6 hours per day during the first 2 weeks for completing the learning modules and ∼3 hours per day during the weeks 3-4 for working on a project. Of course, if you are only interested in the learning modules, you are very welcome to only attend those without completing the project. You can find the detailed schedule here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1SjpsBHkMhMCrQt3zONjcvGxyh3pbBUzzjpqX_hAONQA/editThe school will be held in-person in Marburg (room tba).

The Brainhack school mainly addresses

  • Master's students in neuroscience, psychology, neuro-linguistics
  • Early PhD students in the field of neuroscience, psychology, neuro-linguistics
  • Advanced Bachelor's students in psychology or linguistics

Please register here (deadline May, 10th 2024): https://school-brainhack.github.io/register/


Further detailed information will be sent out to registered participants, only.