Uncertainty in sensory processing and action control

Workshop 7th - 9th of August: Uncertainty in sensory processing and action control.

Location: Castle Rauischholzhausen (https://goo.gl/maps/xppGqdBd4TMA7NAH7)

Looking around and interacting with the world brings uncertainty which our sensory and motor systems have to resolve. First, the processing of incoming sensory information is subject to internal noise and processing delays, and the subsequent spread of information across the brain only serves to add additional uncertainty to perception. Second, when we interact with our environment, each transition from motor plan inception to execution is associated with additional inherent uncertainty due to potential motor noise and error. In addition, the sensorimotor system also has to handle challenging and taxing tasks in the real world that often require the simultaneous monitoring of multiple items, which makes it difficult to make decisions about where to allocate limited cognitive and perceptual resources. Therefore, uncertainty, and how to deal with it, is an important theme for many areas of research, ranging from decision-making and the control of simple actions, to behaviour in real-world tasks, using neurophysiological approaches to computational models. Other lines of research investigate whether and how we are aware of our uncertainty, and whether we can use prior experience to inform our perception and future actions. In this workshop, we will bring together researchers from these different, often isolated, fields of research to explore current, common themes for how we deal with uncertainty across the sensorimotor hierarchy, as well as to brainstorm integrative perspectives for future research. 

Invited speakers:

  • Tarryn Balsdon (University of Glasgow)

  • Bianca Baltaretu (JLU Giessen)

  • Ulrik Beierholm (Durham University)

  • Eli Brenner (VU Amsterdam)

  • Thérèse Collins (Université Paris Cité)

  • Jolande Fooken (Queen's University Kingston)

  • Alexander Goettker (JLU Giessen)

  • Robbe Goris (University of Texas)

  • Sabrina Hansmann-Roth (University of Iceland)

  • Mary Hayhoe (University of Texas)

  • Matteo Lisi (Royal Holloway, University of London)

  • Constantin Rothkopf (TU Darmstadt)

  • Emma Stewart (JLU Giessen)

  • Anne Urai (Leiden University)

  • David Whitney (UC Berkeley)



Registration is free. Please register by May 31st date using the following form: https://forms.gle/4FqbQ7DYrsx3PoB37


Poster session

We will have a poster session for PhD students and postdocs. If you’re interested in presenting, please submit a short (250 word) abstract by June 30th, using the following form: https://forms.gle/BVwUTqL4iSiMVxCo7