Prof. Hüseyin Boyaci, Ph. D.

Hüseyin Boyaci, Ph.D.


Giessen University FB 06 Psychology and Sports-Sciences
Otto-Behaghel-Str., 10F2
35394 Giessen, Germany

+49 (0)641 99 26 111 +49 (0)641 99 26 119 Giessen, Germany send e-mail visit website


Research in my lab is focused on human visual perception and its neuronal underpinnings. In the broadest sense, I develop mathematical tools to model behavioral and neuronal responses. I use behavioral experimentation, neuroimaging (fMRI), and computer simulations for this purpose.

project-related publications
former project-related publications
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Boyaci, H., Fang, F., Murray, S.O., Kersten, D. (2010). Perceptual grouping-dependent lightness processing in human early visual cortex. Journal of Vision, 10(9), 4, 1-12. find paper
Er, G, Pamir, Z, Boyaci, H. (2020). Distinct patterns of surround modulation in V1 and hMT+. NeuroImage, 220, 117084. find paper
Schmid, A. C., Boyaci, H., & Doerschner, K. (2021). Dynamic dot displays reveal material motion network in the human brain. NeuroImage, 117688. find paper
Urgen, B. M., & Boyaci, H. (2021a). Unmet expectations delay sensory processes. Vision Research, 181, 1-9. find paper
Urgen, B. M., & Boyaci, H. (2021b). A recurrent cortical model can parsimoniously explain the effect of expectations on sensory processes. bioRxiv. find preprint