Frank Bremmer

Prof. Dr.

Philipps-University Marburg FB 13 Neurophysics
Karl-von-Frisch-Str. 8a
35032 Marburg, Germany

+49 (0)6421 28 24 415 +49 (0)6421 28 24 168 00017 (Alte MPI-Baracke) send e-mail visit website


My current research focuses on (i) vision during eye-movements as well as on (i) multisensory representations of spatial and motion information in the primate brain. Given that we make eye-movements more often than our heart beats, we aim to understand if and how visual perception is modulated by various classes of eye-movements. In addition, we are concerned with the interplay of the visual, auditory and tactile senses for the perception of space and self-motion.

In our studies we combine neurophysiological recordings in the animal model with behavioral and fMRI/EEG-studies in humans. Most recently, we have started a collaboration with the local university hospital to investigate disturbances of spatial and motion processing in neurological and psychiatric patients.

project-related publications
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former project-related publications
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