Michaela Jeschke

PhD Student

Justus-Liebig University Giessen FB 06 Psychology and Sport-Sciences
Otto-Behaghel-Str. 10F
35394 Giessen

+49 (0)641 99 26233 +49 (0)641 / 99-26119 Room 336, F2 send e-mail visit website


My research is focused on the haptic perception of objects and their features. Specifically, I investigate mechanisms underlying the optimization of motor control and multisensory integration during haptic explorations. For this, I am using a combination of psychophysics, virtual reality, and motion tracking.

project-related publications
Jeschke, M., Drewing, K., & Azañón, E. (2023, July). The Tactile Distance Aftereffect Transfers to Roughness Perception. In 2023 IEEE World Haptics Conference (WHC) (pp. 8-13). IEEE. find paper
Jeschke, M., Zöller, A.C., Drewing, K. (2022). Influence of Prior Visual Information on Exploratory Movement Direction in Texture Perception. In: H. Seifi, et al. Haptics: Science, Technology, Applications. EuroHaptics 2022. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 13235. Springer, Cham. find paper