Harald Lachnit

Prof. Dr.

Philipps Universität Marburg FB 04 Psychologie
Gutenbergstr. 18
35032 Marburg

+49 (0)6421 28 23 642 E-Mail senden Website besuchen


Projektrelevante Veröffentlichungen
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Uengoer, M., Lucke, S., & Lachnit, H. (2018). Attention toward contexts modulates context-specificity of behavior in human predictive learning: Evidence from the n-back task. Learning & behavior, 1-7. find paper
Ältere projektrelevante Veröffentlichungen
Koenig , S., Kadel , H., Uengoer, M., Schubö , A. & Lachnit , H. (2017). Reward draws the eye uncertainty holds the eye: Associative learning modulates distracter interference in visual search. Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience, 11, 128. DOI find paper
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