Prof. Dr. Bianca van Kemenade

Neural mechanisms underlying action-based predictions and their effects on perception

Virtually all movements that we make produce sensory input, thereby shaping a large part of our sensory world. Although research has shown that action-based predictions affect perception and neural processing of such self-generated stimuli, the underlying mechanisms of these modulations are not well-understood.

Project A10 uses a combination of univariate and multivariate analysis of functional MRI data, MR-spectroscopy, and behavioural methods to shed light on the neural and neurochemical mechanisms underlying action-based modulations. Furthermore, we will test how action-based predictions may relate to altered perception in hallucination-prone healthy individuals.

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Lubinus, C., Einhäuser, W., Schiller, F., Kircher, T., Straube, B.*, & van Kemenade, B. M.* (2022). Action-based predictions affect visual perception, neural processing, and pupil size, regardless of temporal predictability. NeuroImage, 263, 119601. find paper DOI
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